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The Government's Policy on Mainland Students Studying in Taiwan Remains Unchanged; Learning should be the Purpose of Mainland Students Studying in Taiwan2017-03-10
The Government Values and Protects Academic Freedom: Cross-Strait Exchanges Should Adhere to the Principles of Fairness, Equality, and Dignity2017-03-07
Fairness and Justice can only Become Shared Values across the Strait if Mainland China Objectively Faces Historical Truth2017-02-23
Mainland China should Pragmatically Face the Fact that the Republic of China is a Sovereign State2017-02-22
Government Promotes the Prevention of Cross-Border Telecommunications Fraud and Hopes All Parties will Pay Attention to and Care for Relatives and Friends; the Two Sides also should Actively Cooperate to Prevent Innocent People from Being Harmed2017-02-21
Mass Communication Graduate Students from Mainland China Visit Taiwan for Exchanges, Give Praise that Warmth and Kindness are Taiwan's Most Precious Qualities2017-02-01
Visiting International Dignitaries Show Concern for the Government's Cross-Strait Policy and Support Continued Communication and Dialogue between the Two Sides 2017-01-31
Two Sides should Jointly Safeguard the Interests and Welfare of the People and Create a New Era of Cross-Strait Harmony and Prosperity2017-01-30
Home Cooking and a Warm Chat: MAC Minister Chang Joins Mainland Spouses for a Lunar New Year Eve Dinner2017-01-27
Press Reference Material for the Release of the MAC Short Film: "Exchange: As Simple and Natural as Life Itself"2017-01-23
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