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Response to the Liquidation of Hong Kong's Next Media2021-12-15
MAC Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong will be relocated to New Address (Room 4907- 4908, 49th Floor, Central Plaza) on December 20 this year (2021) to Provide Consular and Visa Services for the Public; All Contact Information Remain Unchanged2021-12-13
The CCP’s Oppressive Actions Against Taiwan and United Front Work Aimed at Dividing Taiwan Reveal Its Hypocritical and Two-faced Nature2021-12-11
Taiwan Will Never Bow to Hegemony or Coercion: MAC Condemns CCP for Poaching Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Seriously Undermining the Foundation for the Development of Cross-Strait Relations2021-12-10
MAC Affirms and Appreciates Successful Repatriation of Xindian Murder Suspect Huang to Taiwan2021-12-08
Mainland China Should Stop Political Coercion Against Taiwanese Businesspeople and Interference with Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Exchanges2021-12-07
MAC Amends Choice of Law Provisions under the Civil Matters Chapter of the Cross-Strait Act to be in Line with Current Trends in Choice of Law for Cross-Border Civil Incidents and to Strengthen Gender Equality and Protect Children's Rights2021-12-05
Explanation of Policy Position on the CCP’s Plan to Hold the Straits Forum in the Near Future2021-12-02
The 31th MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2021-12-01
29th MAC Council Meeting Approves Draft Amendments to Article 40-1, Article 93-1, and Article 93-2 of the Cross-Strait Act to Maintain the Order and Normal Operation of Taiwan's Economy2021-11-30
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