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Press Reference Material on Adjustments to Measures Related to Cross-Strait Exchanges2017-12-23
Response to the Mainland Ruling in the Kenya Case2017-12-21
Press Reference Material Regarding the Spanish Judicial Decision to Deport Taiwan Nationals Suspected of Telecommunications Fraud in Spain to Mainland China2017-12-16
Minister’s Speech at the Special Screening of the Film “Strait Dreams”2017-12-15
Minister's Speech at the "Taiwan-Hong Kong Cooperation in Logistics and Distribution Channels Forum"2017-12-04
MAC Minister Chang Participates in the "Care for Mainland Spouse and Forum Activity" and Underscores the Government's Commitment to Protecting the Rights and Interests of Mainland Spouses Living in Taiwan2017-12-04
Draft Amendments to Article 29-1 of the Act Governing Relations with Hong Kong and Macao Pass the Third Reading in the Legislative Yuan, Providing a Legal Basis for Taiwan to Sign Agreements related to Mutual Tax Exemption on Sea and Air Transportation with Hong Kong and Macao and Helping to Enhance Taiwan's International Competitiveness2017-11-28
MAC Calls on the Mainland to Handle Affairs in Accordance with the Universal Value of Human Rights, Cherish the Stable Development of Cross-Strait Relations, and Allow Li Ming-che to Safely and Promptly Return to Taiwan2017-11-24
MAC Minister Chang: The Course of Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Opening and the Concept of "Coexistence and Co-Prosperity" will Not Change; "Where there's a will, there's a way": It is Hoped that the Two Sides can Resolve their Differences with Wisdom2017-11-17
"To Improve is to Change": MAC Minister Chang Calls for Joint Efforts to Find a New Model for Cross-Strait Interaction through Communication and Dialogue2017-11-15
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