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MAC Minister Chang Participates in the "Care for Mainland Spouse and Forum Activity" and Underscores the Government's Commitment to Protecting the Rights and Interests of Mainland Spouses Living in Taiwan

  • Date:2017-12-04

Date: December 4, 2017
MAC Press Release No. 86

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that Minister Chang Hsiao-yueh went to Matsu to hold the "Care for Mainland Spouses and Forum Activity" on December 1. She listened to the joys and hardships faced by Mainland spouses working and running businesses in Taiwan and joined with Mainland spouses in a DIY horticultural activity during the active and warm event. Minister Chang emphasized that the MAC will continue to protect the rights and interests of Mainland spouses living in Taiwan and serve as a staunch supporter for Mainland spouses.

Minister Chang said that every Mainland spouse who crosses the Taiwan Strait for love and comes to beautiful Matsu is faced with not only caring for family, raising children and developing careers, but also adapting to Taiwan's culture and customs, living habits, and social systems. The MAC understands the hardships and efforts of Mainland spouses to integrate into Taiwanese society. Minister Chang said that she is very moved by the transition of Mainland spouses from their past role of recipients of care and assistance to the role of proactively caring for others, developing their strengths, and thriving in Taiwan.

Among the participating Mainland spouses was Beigan resident Ms. Cheng Hsiao-lan. Ms. Cheng shared her experience in running the Kaixin Farm. With her husband's support and encouragement, Ms. Cheng participated in educational courses offered by the government for new immigrants and turned the farm into an ecological park that attracts visitors from all over the world. The participants also learned about horticulture during a warm and lively DIY activity taught by Lienchiang County Women's Association General Secretary Liang Yan-lin. Ms. Liang has organized numerous DIY courses to help women in Matsu relieve the stress of work and heavy housework and learn skills.

Regarding public concern over the easing of restrictions for relatives of Mainland spouses to visit Taiwan, the MAC stated that it is assessing the direction of further easing with the National Immigration Agency. The MAC is studying revisions to the relevant regulations that consider the needs of cross-Strait family relations and meet the expectations of Mainland spouses.

The MAC also found that, apart from reviewing laws, regulations and systems, the issues concerned and reflected by the majority of Mainland spouses revolve mainly around finances, family and parenting. Therefore, the government believes that "substantive care is more important" and will give priority to addressing the urgent needs faced by Mainland spouses in integrating into Taiwanese society in the hope of making life in Taiwan more convenient for them.