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MAC Launches Website Section Responding to the Hong Kong National Security Law and Reminds Taiwanese Visiting or Transiting in Hong Kong to be Aware of Risks2020-07-10
Legislative Yuan Passes Anti-Infiltration Bill to Strengthen Defense for Democracy and Preserve Stable and Orderly Cross-Strait Exchanges2019-12-31
MAC Sternly Denounces CCP for Fallacies that Distort the Facts and Mislead the Public2019-12-25
MAC Deeply Admires the Determination of the People of Hong Kong to Uphold Hong Kong's Core Values with their Ballots and Calls on the CCP and Hong Kong Government to Respond Positively to Restore Calm in Hong Kong2019-11-25
Growing Majority in Taiwan Reject the CCP's "One Country, Two Systems" and Oppose Beijing's Military and Diplomatic Suppression2019-10-24
MAC Issues a Solemn Explanation in response to the Statement by the Hong Kong Government Early this Morning (October 23, 2019), which Brazenly Refused to Allow Taiwan Prosecutors and Police Officers to Bring Back the Suspect and Evidence of the Homicide Case2019-10-23
MAC Calls on the Hong Kong Government to Take Responsibility and Proactively Handle the Matter after Failing to Reply to Taiwan's Request of Sending Personnel to Hong Kong to Bring Back Suspect and Evidence2019-10-22
Taiwan sends Letter to the Hong Kong Government Requesting Assistance for Taiwanese Personnel to Bring Back Murder Suspect Chan Tong-kai and Relevant Case Evidence from Hong Kong2019-10-22
MAC Responds to the Hong Kong Government's Statement on Taiwan Homicide Case2019-10-20
MAC Expresses Serious Concerns over Hong Kong Government's Face Mask Ban under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance and Urges the Taiwan Public to be Aware of Related Prohibitions and Avoid Demonstration Sites 2019-10-04
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