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MAC: In Response to the Latest COVID-19 Outbreak in Mainland China, Passengers Arriving in Taiwan from Mainland China between January 1 and 31 Next Year (2023) Are to Cooperate with PCR Tests in Accordance with the Central Epidemic Command Center Announcement2022-12-30
The Resumption of Passenger Service Under the Mini-three-links Must Proceed Steadily to Be Sustainable2022-12-24
The Lives, Health, and Public Opinions of the Kinmen & Matsu Residents: Do They Not Count?Explanation of why the “Lunar New Year Charter Ferry Program for Kinmen and Matsu” does not include transfers for mainland China-based Taiwanese citizens2022-12-23
Executive Yuan Approves the "Lunar New Year Charter Ferry Program for Kinmen and Matsu" to Meet the Homecoming Travel Demand for the Lunar New Year Holiday2022-12-22
The MAC Urged the CCP to Actively Respond to the People’s Rightful Call for Adjustments to Draconian Lockdowns2022-11-29
The 41st MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2022-11-17
Taiwan Firmly Upholds the "Four Commitments" as Our Bottom Line; the CCP Should Renounce Coercion and Pressure2022-11-15
MAC 2022 Third Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China2022-11-14
Adjustments to Immigration Controls for Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macao Residents in Response to Relaxation of the COVID-19 Pandemic Control Measures2022-11-03
MAC Called on the CCP to Resolve Cross-Strait Political Differences Rationally and Peacefully2022-11-02
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