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MAC Strongly Condemns CCP Military Exercises and Ammunition Drills Around Taiwan2022-08-04
MAC Solemnly Protests CCP Military Aggression and Sabotage of Peace Across the Taiwan Strait2022-08-03
The 38th MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2022-08-01
The "1992 Consensus" is nonexistent; The Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait Not Subordinate to Each Other is the Existing Status Quo 2022-07-26
Explanation of Policy Position on the CCP's Straits Forum2022-07-07
On the 25th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Handover, "Patriots Ruling Hong Kong" Overrides "Hong Kong governed by the Hong Kong people" and "One Country, Two Systems" Deteriorates; Taiwan and the Global Community Firmly Uphold Universal Values and Solemnly Call for the Return of Freedom and Rights to the People of Hong Kong2022-07-01
MAC Solemnly Rejects the Claim that “a Kinmen-Xiamen Bridge is a Policy Continuation of the ‘Mini Three Links’” and Calls for National Security to Be Prioritized When Promoting Cross-Strait Affairs2022-06-21
The MAC Calls on the CCP to Implement Democracy, Protect Human Rights, and Reflect on the Historical Lessons of the Tiananmen Square Incident2022-06-03
The 36th MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2022-06-02
Taiwan Public Oppose CCP Political and Military Coercion against Taiwan and Obstruction of Taiwan’s International Participation; Support the Position that "The Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait are Not Subordinate to Each Other"2022-06-02
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