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The MAC Calls on the CCP to Face Cross-Strait Relations Rationally and Pragmatically: The Use of Force Is Not the Solution2022-03-19
"Being a Civilized Country under the Rule of Law Begins with the Case of Li Ming-che!": Government Calls on the Relevant Departments of the CCP to Disclose Information on Li Ming-che's Release and Promptly Allow Mr. Li to Safely Return to Taiwan2022-03-18
Clarification of False Reports on Hong Kong Residents Facing Hurdles in Permanent Residency Application in Taiwan: The Government Reiterated Unchanged Determination to Support Hong Kong and Hoped All Sectors Would Have a Correct Understanding of the Government's Intent to Balance Goodwill and National Security Concerns in Our Hong Kong Policy2022-03-15
The CCP should Focus on Improving People's Livelihood, Reduce Risks of Small-circle Arbitrary Decisions, and Face Cross-Strait Relations Rationally2022-03-05
Consular Services and Service Hours Adjusted at TECO in Hong Kong from March 7 to April 1 due to the COVID-19 Surge; Other Services will Continue Uninterrupted2022-03-04
Executive Yuan Approves the “Draft Amendments to Part of the Provisions of the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area”2022-02-17
MAC 2021 Fourth Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China2022-01-28
The 33rd MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2022-01-28
Taiwan’s Independent Judiciary Conducts Fair Trials: Government Solemnly Rejects the CCP’s Unwarranted Meddling and Accusations2022-01-19
The 32nd MAC Advisory Committee Meeting: Highlights of Discussion by Advisory Members*2022-01-04
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