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Taiwan Public Rejects "One Country, Two Systems" and Opposes Beijing's Hostile Military Threats and Diplomatic Pressure against Taiwan2019-08-01
CCP Military Expansion Seriously Undermines Peace in the Taiwan Strait and the Region2019-07-24
Taiwan’s Media and Press Independence is Protected by Laws which Strictly Prohibit Foreign Infiltration and Interference in the Workings of Taiwan’s Free and Democratic Society2019-07-17
Opening Remarks by Chen Ming-tong, Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Republic of China, at the 2019 Taiwan-US Forum: China-Taiwan Relations and Strategies2019-07-06
Opening Remarks by Chen Ming-tong, Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Republic of China, at the International Conference on Cross-Strait Relations: Present Challenges and Future Developments2019-07-02
MAC Expresses Respect to the Million Hongkongers who Marched on June 16 and Calls on the Hong Kong Government not to Arrogantly Exonerate Itself, but to Respond Humbly to Public Sentiment, and Immediately Withdraw the Extradition Law2019-06-16
MAC Calls on Hong Kong to Jointly Protect Rule of Law and Human Rights and Create a Vision of Hope for the Younger Generations as the Hong Kong Government Suspends the Extradition Law2019-06-15
MAC Expresses Concern for Hong Kong Students in Taiwan Supporting the Protests and Calls on the Hong Kong Government to Promptly Withdraw the Extradition Law2019-06-12
The CCP Must Redress the Tiananmen Square Incident, Sincerely Repent, and Actively Promote Democratic Reform2019-06-03
Legislative Yuan Passes Legislation on Oversight of Cross-Strait Political Agreements to Consolidate Defense Mechanisms for Democracy2019-05-31
Mainstream Opinion in Taiwan Opposes Mainland’s Intimidation, Pressuring, and United Front Work to Divide Taiwan and Supports the Government's Position on Defending Taiwan2019-05-16
MAC Sternly Protests Beijing's Obstruction of Taiwan's Participation in the WHA2019-05-06
Rejection of "One Country, Two Systems" is a Cross-Party Consensus: Taiwanese Politicians Visiting Mainland China should Faithfully Convey Public Opinion and the PFP should Clarify the Facts2019-04-30
MAC Deeply Regrets the Sentencing of “Occupy Central” Participants, where Conviction Confirms the Failure of "One Country, Two Systems" to Respect and Protect Public's Political Rights2019-04-24
The Republic of China does not Welcome Overseas Individuals who Violate International Norms and Advocate Unification by Force 2019-04-16
Beijing Should immediately Stop its Military Threats against Taiwan and not Underestimate the Firm Will of the ROC to Defend its Sovereignty and Democracy2019-04-15
Draft Amendments to Cross-Strait Act Article 93-1 Passed Third Reading in the Legislative Yuan2019-04-09
MAC Severely Condemns Beijing for Undermining the Cross-Strait Status Quo through Provocations and Urges the Public to Recognize the Mainland's Aggressive Nature towards Taiwan2019-03-31
Executive Yuan Approved Draft Amendments to Article 5-3 of the Cross-Strait Act2019-03-28
Taiwan Public Rejects "One Country, Two Systems"2019-03-21
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