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MAC Solemnly Refutes Inappropriate Comments by KMT Spokesperson Hung2019-01-11
The Taiwanese People will Never Accept "One Country, Two Systems" nor Unification Negotiation which Eliminates ROC Sovereignty2019-01-02
The MAC will Actively Assist County and City Governments to Understand Cross-Strait Policy and the Current Situation2018-12-25
MAC Solemnly Protests to Mainland China over the Forcible Deportation of Taiwanese Nationals from Cambodia and Calls again on Cross-Strait Cooperation in Combating Crime to Protect the Rights and Interests of the People on Both Sides2018-12-06
Democratic Taiwan is a Stabilizing Force for Regional Peace, Remains Committed to Maintaining Cross-Strait Peace and Stability, and Hopes that the US will Support and Promote Cross-Strait Communication and Dialogue2018-11-29
The Government is Determined to Safeguard National Sovereignty and Calls on the International Community to Recognize Clearly the Hegemonic Nature of the Chinese Communist Party2018-11-10
Majority of the Public Adhere to Defending the ROC and Strongly do not Identify with Beijing's Political and Military Intimidation and Pressuring of Taiwan2018-11-01
Balancing Growth, Overcoming Limits, and Opening Up New Horizons across the Taiwan Strait International Conference on "Mainland China's Reform and Opening Up, 1978-2018: Prospect and Challenge" Opening Ceremony Speech2018-10-19
MAC Continues to Assist the Sustainable Development of Water Self-sufficiency, Security, and Diversity, Promotion of the People's Livelihoods and Well-being, and Economic Development in Kinmen2018-10-15
MAC: Beijing Must Respect the Basic Human Right to Freedom of Religion2018-09-22
MAC: Mainland China should not Resort to Political Manipulation and Trumped up Allegations to Prevent Mainland Students from Studying in Taiwan2018-09-15
MAC Announces Report on the Implementation Results of the "Eight Strategies for a Stronger Taiwan: Responses to Mainland China's 31 Taiwan-Related Measures"2018-09-06
Beijing's Suppression only Increases Taiwan's Determination to Engage with the World2018-08-24
MAC Strongly Condemns the Mainland for Wresting Away Taiwan's Diplomatic Allies: Beijing's Peremptory Pressuring More Firmly Unites Taiwan2018-08-21
Majority Public Opinion in Taiwan Opposes Mainland China's Political Suppression of Taiwan's international space2018-08-16
MAC Gives Blessings on the Inauguration of Cross-Strait Water Service and Condemns the Taiwan Affairs Office Head for Distorting the Truth2018-08-05
MAC Severely Condemns Beijing's Barbaric Political Intervention to Prevent Taichung City from Hosting the 2019 East Asian Youth Games2018-07-24
Minister Chen Ming-tong Presents Speech Emphasizing that Taiwan's Cross-Strait Policy of Maintaining the Status Quo is in Line with the Interests of all Parties2018-07-19
Opening Remarks by  Chen Ming-tong, Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council at the International Conference on  "The Opportunities and Challenges of Cross-Strait Relations"2018-07-18
Amended Provisions of the Regulations Governing the Trial Operation of Transportation Links Between Kinmen/Matsu/Penghu and the Mainland Area Promulgated2018-07-17
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