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Remarks by Minister Chen at the Forum on U.S.-Taiwan Partnership in Challenging Times2020-11-18
Mainstream Public Opinion Supports the President's Cross-Strait Policy, Believes Mainland China should Share Joint Responsibility, and Opposes the CCP's Unilateral Political Claims2020-11-12
Remarks by Minister Chen at the International Symposium on Current Issues of Developmetn and Governance in Mainland China2020-10-23
President's National Day Address Conveys Resolve to Maintain Cross-Strait Peace and Calls on CCP to Show an Attitude and Commitment to Maintain Stability in Cross-Strait Relations2020-10-10
Explanation of Policy Position on the CCP’s Straits Forum2020-09-03
The Government Safeguards Healthy and Orderly Development of Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Exchanges and Urges Mainland Authorities to not Create Political Obstacles2020-08-21
News Reference Material on the "2020 Second Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China" by the Mainland Affairs Council2020-08-17
Over 80% of the Public Oppose CCP's Hong Kong National Security Law and Military and Diplomatic Suppression of Taiwan2020-08-06
MAC Releases Position and Response Paper on the Hong Kong National Security Law: the Government will Uphold National Sovereignty and Democratic Principles, Join the World in Opposing Infringement of Democracy and Human Rights under this Draconian Law, and Make Every Effort to Protect the Safety of the Taiwanese People2020-07-16
MAC Launches Website Section Responding to the Hong Kong National Security Law and Reminds Taiwanese Visiting or Transiting in Hong Kong to be Aware of Risks2020-07-10
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