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MAC Supports the Strict Enforcement of the Law by the Competent Authority to Protect the People's Rights and Interests Following an Incident of a Mainland Chinese Speedboat Capsizing after Entering Kinmen Waters for Illegal Fishing

  • Date:2024-02-15

MAC Press Release No. 011

  The Kinmen-Matsu-Penghu Branch of the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) received a report from the public yesterday afternoon (February 14, 2024) that an unnamed mainland Chinese speedboat entered prohibited waters off Beiding Island in Kinmen County to fish. The CGA responded in accordance with the law. In the enforcement process, the mainland Chinese vessel resisted inspection and capsized as it attempted to flee. Four mainland Chinese crew members on board fell into the water, two of whom were rescued by Taiwan’s coast guard officers but later pronounced dead at the hospital after failed attempts to resuscitate them. The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that a preliminary investigation of the case indicated that the coast guard officers performed their duties in accordance with the law without any misconduct during the process.

  The MAC stated that, over the past years, a small number of people from mainland China have trespassed in Taiwan's waters to dredge sand, fish with explosives and poisons, dump trash at sea, and engage in other actions harmful to the marine ecosystem. However, Taiwan's calls for mainland China to strengthen governance have not resulted in any improvement. Recently, there have even been incidents where mainland Chinese fishing vessels breached Taiwan's restricted or prohibited waters to catch high-value fish during the Lunar New Year holiday. This seriously infringes on the rights and interests of Taiwanese fishermen and the livelihood of coastal residents. Taiwanese people have repeatedly reported these incidents and called on the competent authorities to expel the vessels in accordance with the law, making the coast guard officers duty-bound to step up law enforcement to protect the people's rights.

  Taiwan deeply regrets this unfortunate incident, which resulted from the mainland Chinese crew's refusal to cooperate with Taiwan's law enforcement agencies. It also hopes that the mainland Chinese authorities will further constrain such behavior by their citizens.