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MAC Urges CCP to Improve Cross-Strait Relations Pragmatically2024-03-05
MAC Urges the CCP Authorities to Handle Cross-Strait Affairs Rationally, Pragmatically, and in Line with the Spirit of Parity and Reciprocity to Jointly Safeguard the Interests and Welfare of the People on Both Sides2024-02-28
The MAC Urges Mainland China to Respect Taiwan's Judicial System and Patiently Wait for the Investigation Results to Reveal the Truth of the Illegal Incident in Kinmen Involving a "Three-Noes Vessel" from Mainland China2024-02-25
The CCP Persistently Condones Illegal Fishing by the "Three-Noes" Vessels. Taiwan will Continue Responding with Strict, Firm, and Consistent Law Enforcement. The MAC Deeply Regrets the Baseless Accusations by the TAO in Disregard of the Efforts by All Parties to Investigate the Cause and Handle the Follow-up Matters of the Incident2024-02-18
"2024 Lunar New Year Gathering of Taiwanese Businesspeople in Mainland China"2024-02-16
MAC Supports the Strict Enforcement of the Law by the Competent Authority to Protect the People's Rights and Interests Following an Incident of a Mainland Chinese Speedboat Capsizing after Entering Kinmen Waters for Illegal Fishing2024-02-15
MAC Reminds Taiwanese People to Be Cautious when Traveling to or Transiting Through Hong Kong and Macao and Utilize the "Online Registration System for Taiwanese Citizens Visiting Hong Kong and Macao" to Enhance Protection of Personal Safety2024-02-07
MAC’s Views on the MOTC’s Announcement of Opinions on Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange2024-02-07
MAC 2023 Fourth Quarter Report on the Situation in Mainland China2024-02-06
Returning Home Tonight to be with Family: MAC Minister Chiu Tai-san Invites Mainland Chinese Spouses for an Early Lunar New Year Celebration2024-02-06
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