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The MAC Will Conduct a Public Opinion Survey on the Signing of a Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Mainland Affairs Council--Press Release

March 12, 2009, No. 012

Lai Shin-yuan: The MAC will conduct a public opinion survey on the signing of a cross-strait "Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement" to hear the voices of various sectors, which will be used as a reference in policy implementation

During an interpellation at the Executive Yuan this morning (March 12, 2009), Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Lai Shin-yuan stated that the government would conduct a public opinion survey on the signing of a cross-strait "Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement" (ECFA) to broadly seek public opinion in this regard and forge consensus.

Minister Lai indicated that, in order to fully understand the voices of society in Taiwan, government agencies in charge of economic development would conduct related assessments from an economic perspective. The MAC would also promptly commission a polling agency that enjoys the public trust to conduct a comprehensive survey. The initial plan for the public opinion survey will be divided into two major parts: The first part is to conduct surveys according to administrative areas, with counties and cities serving as the basic units of the survey. The second is to systematically understand and compile the views of industries that will likely undergo changes in their employment structures.

Minister Lai emphasized that the government will actively study the establishment of related mechanisms to ensure industries that have benefited give feedbacks and weak industries get compensated, as well as plan detailed accompanying measures. The government will also carefully handle the issue of balancing the interests between industry and labor.

Minister Lai further noted that public opinion surveys have always served as extremely important references for the government in implementing related policies. However, there must be sufficient discussions in Taiwan over the advantages and disadvantages of the ECFA before a public opinion survey is conducted. In order to forge domestic consensus on major cross-strait economic and trade policy, the government will go to the grass roots and hold joint discussions with the industrial and labor sectors, in order to ensure that policies can reflect the voices of the vast majority of the people. This is aimed at truly realizing the Mainland policy goal of "putting Taiwan first for the benefit of the people."