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Mainland Affairs Council

Deputy Ministers

  • Date:2016-05-20
Chiu, Chui-Cheng
Chiu, Chui-Cheng
Deputy Minister, Mainland Affairs Council


  • Ph.D., Political Science, National Taiwan Normal University
  • M.A., Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University


  • Advisor, New Frontier Foundation
  • Advisor, Taiwan Thinktank
  • Advisor, Taiwan Brain Trust
  • Advisor, Kinmen County
  • Advisor, Cross-strait Affairs councils for Taoyuan City Government and Tainan City Government
  • Director, Cross-strait Policy Association
  • Director, Friends of Hong Kong and Macau Association
  • Director, the Minister's office, Mainland Affairs Council, The Executive Yuan
  • Senior Secretary, Mainland Affairs Council, The Executive Yuan
  • Senior Assistant for Legislators
  • Reporter, Liberty Times