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What are the government’s policy objectives and supporting measures in allowing Mainland students to study in Taiwan?

(1) The government's policy of allowing the recruitment of Mainland students to study in Taiwan is an important part of facilitating Taiwan's educational diversity. Cross-strait student exchanges and learning may achieve progress through mutual competition. It may not only enhance the competitiveness and expand the horizons of Taiwanese students, but also enabling Mainland students studying in Taiwan to experience Taiwan's multicultural development, deepen awareness and recognition of Taiwan, and contribute to the positive development of cross-strait relations.

(2) Under the "Golden Decade, Cross-Strait Peace" National Vision, the government has made it a policy priority to "steadily promote Mainland students’ study in Taiwan and enhance exchanges and mutual understanding between youngsters across the Strait." The government also has recently completed several measures to allow Mainland students to study in Taiwan, those of which include expanding recognition of academic credentials from Mainland universities and colleges, allowing Mainland college graduates to enroll in two-year completion programs in Taiwan, increasing Mainland student enrollment quotas, allowing Mainland students to take technical certification exams, and allowing Mainland students in Taiwan to serve as research and teaching assistants in areas related to their course of study. It has also streamlined immigration and registration procedures for Mainland students studying in Taiwan to provide them with a friendly living and learning environment in hope that more Mainland youth may have the opportunity to come to Taiwan and study with our youngsters.