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MAC: Domestic Public Opinion Affirms Promotion of MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi’s First Mainland Visit on the Basis of Equality, Dignity and "1992 Consensus"; Majority Believes Minister Wang's Visit to be Conducive to Development of Relations and Normal Official Interactions across the Strait

  • Date:2014-01-29

January 29, 2014
Mac News Release No. 006

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (January 29, 2014) announced the results of its survey of public opinion on the "Public's Views on Exchange Visits by Heads of Competent Authorities for Cross-Strait Affairs and on Cross-Strait Relations." The survey found that the majority of the public approve the government's arrangements and plans for MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi to visit the Mainland under the principle of equality and dignity (55.8%) and think that the pragmatic discussion of issues related to cross-strait exchanges between heads of competent authorities for cross-strait affairs is beneficial to the development of cross-strait relations (60.5%).

The MAC stated that public support for issues to be discussed during the meeting between MAC Minister Wang and Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) Director ranges between 60% to 80%; issues to be discussed include the establishment of direct contact and communication mechanisms between the MAC and the TAO (68.8%); seeking agreement for Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) institutions in the Mainland to have "humanitarian visiting" functions (80.2%); communication on the issue of reciprocal flow of news information (70.4%) and protecting press freedoms (79.4%); and expression of the position on Taiwan's participation in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (69.5%).

Furthermore, the MAC stated that the majority of the public endorse the government's arrangement of Minister Wang's Mainland visit based on the 1992 Consensus of one China with respective interpretations (52.6%); and on the policy position that the "1992 Consensus" is "one China with respective interpretations," in which “one China” is the Republic of China (55.6%). Regarding the use of official titles in the mutual address between Minister Wang and the TAO Director during their meeting, over half of the public affirm that this is a significant development in cross-strait relations (54.8%) and is conducive to normal official interactions between the two sides (57.1%).

The MAC further indicated that, during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting held in Indonesia last October, Minister Wang and Zhang Zhijun reached a preliminary consensus on regular exchange visits by heads of competent authorities for cross-strait affairs and also on the establishment of normal contact mechanisms between the two sides, both of which representing a good first step in institutionalizing official interactions across the Taiwan Strait. The MAC emphasized that the government will adhere to the principles of "equality and dignity" in the arrangements for Minister Wang's first visit to the Mainland, and shall pragmatically discuss with the Mainland side issues of concern to the Taiwanese people, in order to enhance the rights and well-being of the people and create optimized benefits for Taiwan. Moreover, in the spirit of transparency, openness and out of respect for the legislature, the MAC will duly present a full explanation of the relevant situation to all sectors.

The MAC commissioned the Global Views Survey Research Center to conduct a telephone survey of adults aged 20 and over in the Taiwan Area from January 17 to 19, 2014. A total of 1,069 effective samples were collected, with a sampling error of 3% based on a 95% confidence level.