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Dec 31, 2008, No. 114

  • Date:2008-12-31

MAC: The two sides of the Taiwan Strait should usher in a new era of peaceful development based on the principles of "shelving controversies and pursuing a win-win solution."

In response to comments made today (December 31, 2008) by mainland Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) states that the ROC government has promoted cross-strait policy and Mainland-related work in an active and goodwill manner during the more than seven months since President Ma Ying-jeou's May 20 inauguration. Moreover, through the institutionalized negotiation mechanism between the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), the two sides have signed agreements beneficial to the people on both sides. These measures have won not only the approval of popular opinion in Taiwan, but also the support of international public opinion. Cross-strait relations are already clearly relaxing and improving. Based on the principles of "shelving controversies and pursuing a win-win solution," the two sides should continue to steadily advance and jointly usher in a new era of peaceful development in cross-strait relations through benign interactions.

The MAC emphasizes that in the current phase, the ROC government will promote a cross-strait policy of "no unification, no independence, and no use of force" under the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of China, meaning that the status quo will be maintained. This position has long enjoyed the firm support of the overwhelming majority of the Taiwan people. In the future, the government will continue to adhere to this policy direction that is consistent with mainstream public opinion. The MAC believes that the development and promotion of issues related to cross-strait relations should still be advanced in an orderly manner through the institutionalized negotiation mechanism between the two sides, based on the principles of "equality and dignity." Holding fast to the principle of "putting Taiwan first for the benefit of the people," the government will actively negotiate and communicate with the Mainland side.

The MAC indicates that the improvement of cross-strait relations and the alleviation of cross-strait tension make an important contribution to cross-strait, regional and global peace. The matters of a peace agreement, military confidence-building measures, and other related issues can be further deliberated once a sufficient degree of mutual trust has been established in cross-strait relations. The current economic and cultural exchange affairs and negotiations between the two sides are all matters that deeply concern the public and urgently need to be resolved. They also contribute to the formation of a solid foundation of mutual trust. The MAC urges the Mainland authorities to deeply understand the Taiwan people’s expectation and need in participating in the international community, to extend the idea of peaceful development to interaction between the two sides in the international, military and political spheres, and to show wisdom in opening up a road for coexistence and co-prosperity between the two sides.