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MAC Expresses Support for Democratic Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong and Calls for Rational and Peaceful Dialogue

  • Date:2014-09-30

September 30, 2014
MAC News Release No. 88

In regard to recent actions by the people of Hong Kong seeking democratic universal suffrage, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) hereby issues the following four-point statement:

1.The government's long-standing policy has always been to support freedom, democracy, prosperity and stability in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong's handover to mainland China, the ROC government has always respected and had high hopes for the governance of Hong Kong and promotion of Hong Kong Chief Executive Election by universal suffrage to be implemented in accordance to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

2.The people of Hong Kong have long held high expectations to carry out democratic universal suffrage, and regards it as an indicator of the Mainland’s intention to honor its "one country, two systems" pledge. Freedom and democracy are values in line with the developments of the times and are also conducive to Hong Kong's future stability and prosperity, thus the ROC government hereby expresses sincere concern and support for the Hong Kong people’s pursuit of democracy.

3.It is hoped that the Mainland and Hong Kong authorities may listen to the people’s voices, seek common ground with the Hong Kong people through peaceful and rational measures, protect the Hong Kong people's freedom of assembly and speech and other basic human rights so as to allow smooth democratic progression in Hong Kong. This would not only ensure Hong Kong's long-term stability, but would also hold strong significance for long-term cross-strait development and be a key milestone on the whole ethnic Chinese society’s path towards democracy and rule of law.

4.The MAC will continue to closely watch ongoing developments in Hong Kong. In order to safeguard the rights, interests and security of Taiwanese people in Hong Kong, the MAC has also instructed the Bureau of Hong Kong Affairs to stay abreast of related developments and to formulate preparatory contingency measures.