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Dec 03. 2009, No. 085

  • Date:2009-12-03

MAC makes an announcement regarding registration for journalists covering the fourth Chiang-Chen Talks

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) announces today (December 3, 2009) that news media registration is now open to journalists interested in covering the fourth “Chiang-Chen Talks” to be held in Taiwan in late December.

The MAC points out that the first and second days of the talks will be reserved for meetings in Taichung City, while Day 3 and Day 4 will consist of a seminar on investment and visits in central Taiwan.

The MAC reminds reporters that the registration period will end at 24:00 December 10, and late applications will not be accepted. Domestic journalists should check the registration notice sent by the Government Information Office (GIO) of the Executive Yuan. However, for statistical convenience, reporters in the same news agency should register collectively. As for foreign reporters and those from Hong Kong, Macao, and the Mainland (including those stationed in Taiwan), please register in the “Fourth Chiang-Chen Talks” section of the websites of the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) (http://www.sef.org.tw), the Government Information Office (http://th.gio.gov.tw/
2009cct), or the Mainland Affairs Council (http://www.mac.gov.tw).

In registering online, all the applicants are required to upload a recent photo, leave a personal contact email address, and fill in relevant information into the registration form to enable the organizer to handle applications more conveniently. The applicants will receive an email reply from the organizer within three days after registering. Journalists who do not hold ROC passports and who have been granted credentials to cover the event must prepare all the required documents for entry into Taiwan beforehand.

The MAC indicates further that in order to facilitate all the reporters to cover the event, the SEF, the GIO, and the MAC will set up the “Fourth Chiang-Chen Talks” section on their respective websites, starting on December 7, 2009 to provide relevant data and real-time information about the talks. Starting also today, the GIO operates service hotlines for domestic media (02-2321-1334), as well as international, Hong Kong/Macao media (886-2-3356-8135), and Mainland media (886-2-3356-7770) to enable reporters interested in covering the event to dial accordingly and obtain relevant information. Details of the registration time and venue will be announced later on.