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MAC Congratulates Mr. Fernando Chui upon Election as Fourth Chief Executive of Macau

  • Date:2014-08-31

August 31, 2014
Mac News Release No. 83

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) congratulated Mr. Fernando Chui upon his election as the fourth Chief Executive of Macau and expressed hopes for Taiwan-Macao relations to further develop in the future.

The MAC pointed out that ties between Taiwan and Macau made considerable progress during Mr. Chui's prior term. The two sides not only established reciprocal offices, but a meeting between MAC Minister Wang and Chief Executive Chui in official capacities was also conducted. The achievements opened up positive institutionalized interactions, and are of major significance for the development of relations between Taiwan-Macau, Taiwan-Hong Kong, and Taiwan and the Mainland.

The MAC hopes that, as Chief Executive Chui begins his new term, Taiwan and Macau may continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation on the existing stable foundation, and further promote the benign interactions and development of Taiwan-Macau relations.