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Deputy Minister Chiu Meets Wilson Center Delegation2019-10-02
The ROC Stands Firm for 108 years: MAC Calls on the CCP to Carry Out Democratic Reforms and Work for the Welfare of the People2019-10-01
MAC News Reference Material: Deputy Minister Chiu Emphasizes during visit to San Francisco that the Government Resolutely Opposes "One Country, Two Systems" and will Firmly Uphold Taiwan's Cross-Strait Policy Position while facing Extreme Pressure from the CCP Following Xi Jinping's "Five-Point Proposal"2019-09-24
MAC Severely Condemns Beijing for Wresting away Another Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Destroying the Foundation for Cross-Strait Interaction2019-09-20
MAC Sternly Protests the CCP’s Move to Lure away Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally, which Aims to Influence the Election and Infringe Taiwan's International Space for Survival: Taiwan will Never Give in to Beijing's Hegemonic Threats2019-09-16
MAC Calls on Mainland China to Immediately Provide a Full Explanation of the Lee Meng-chu Case and Protect Mr. Lee's Due Rights2019-09-11
MAC Calls on the CCP and the Hong Kong Government to Show Restraint, Not to Intensify the Situation, and to Calm the Protests with Rational Dialogue2019-08-30
Opening Remarks by Chen Ming-tong, Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Republic of China, Challenges Posed by the CCP in the Taiwan Strait International Symposium on "Development and Challenges in Current PRC"2019-08-30
Taiwan Public Rejects "One Country, Two Systems" and Opposes Beijing's Hostile Military Threats and Diplomatic Pressure against Taiwan2019-08-01
CCP Military Expansion Seriously Undermines Peace in the Taiwan Strait and the Region2019-07-24
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