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MAC Sternly Protests the CCP’s Move to Lure away Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally, which Aims to Influence the Election and Infringe Taiwan's International Space for Survival: Taiwan will Never Give in to Beijing's Hegemonic Threats

  • Date:2019-09-16

Date: September 16, 2019

MAC Press Release No. 83

            The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (September 16, 2019) solemnly protested the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities’ move to poach Taiwan's diplomatic ally, the Solomon Islands. Through manipulation and pressuring, Beijing seeks to influence Taiwan’s upcoming elections, steadily undermine peace in the Taiwan Strait, and infringe Taiwan's rights and interests. However, these actions will not sway the people of Taiwan from their firm position towards cross-Strait relations. They only make the Taiwanese people further realize that Beijing's "one China" policy is to peremptorily eliminate the Republic of China (ROC).

            The ROC has the fundamental right to develop friendly and normal relations with the international community and that Taiwan is more capable of assisting its allies in the sustainable development of good governance. However, in recent years, the CCP has resorted to empty talk, commitments, and inducements under its unilateral "one China principle" not only to infringe Taiwan's international space for survival, but also to expand its hegemony, plunder resources, and manipulate other countries through debt diplomacy. With its growing intention to encroach on Taiwan and threaten democratic and free systems around the world, the CCP has already undermined the existing international order, peace, and stability, whilst making this no longer a problem facing Taiwan alone. Needless to say, Beijing's abominable actions attempting to disrupt public sentiment ahead of Taiwan's elections will not succeed.

            The MAC strongly condemned the totalitarian CCP regime for its high-pressure control, blame shifting, and lack of comprehensive and clear thinking of the fundamental concept of democratic reform. "Struggles" rooted in violence and intimidation can never resolve the problem. In addition, clinging to wrong ideology and unpopular rule will only accelerate the deterioration of the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The government will firmly defend national sovereignty and uphold principles of democracy and freedom. It is not afraid of challenges, nor will it yield. The people of Taiwan will stand united and reject the claims and actions of the CCP.