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The ROC Stands Firm for 108 years: MAC Calls on the CCP to Carry Out Democratic Reforms and Work for the Welfare of the People

  • Date:2019-10-01

Release Date: October 1, 2019

MAC Press Release No. 87

            In regard to the events celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the so-called People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the related comments made, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (October 1, 2019) emphasized that the Republic of China (ROC) has existed as a sovereign state for 108 years and has brought prosperity and practiced democracy on Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities need to recognize the following international realities: first, Taiwan has never been a part of the PRC; and second, the "one country, two systems" is not the solution to cross-Strait relations, for it is not applicable to Taiwan and will never be accepted.

            The CCP has clung to its one-party dictatorship for 70 years with governance concept that not only violates the values of democracy, freedom, and human rights, but has also imperiled and challenged its own development. The CCP's shouts for unity, struggles, great rejuvenation, and unification are little more than pretexts for its military expansion. This has gravely threatened regional peace and democratic civilization around the world.

Taiwan has been a democracy for more than 30 years. We advise authorities on the other side of the Taiwan Strait to take this time to engage in introspection and self-reflection, promptly move forward with democratic and political reforms, and restore power to the people. The lifeblood of mainland China's survival and development is tied neither to one person nor one party. If the CCP is to truly work for the welfare of the people, it must never repeat the tragic history caused by its past wrong decisions. We warned the Beijing authorities that this government’s determination to firmly defend the nation's sovereignty and Taiwan’s democracy will not waver. This having been said, mainland China will never succeed in its attempts to bully and coerce Taiwan into accepting its claims.