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  • Date:2010-11-23

Welcome to the website of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan (hereafter this Website)! To ensure individual privacy is respected and our visitors can be at ease to use the services this Website provides, we exercise the following privacy policy:

1. Information such as the IP address, the web pages browsed, and the total browsing time of each visitor recorded on this Website shall only be used for website traffic statistics analysis required for upgrading the service quality of this Website.

2. The cookies applied at this Website shall only be used to maintain the individual settings of the visitors. (Cookies are segments of data sent by a website to a browser and back to the website for designated purposes.)

3. The privacy policy regarding the documents or information on any website accessed via this Website shall be in accordance with the announcement on the said website.

4. The personal information, such as ID numbers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other data this Website collects from visitors’ participation in online activities, surveys, or services such as sending messages to the Minister’s Mailbox shall only be used for designated purposes and statistical analysis. Without the consent of the user, the information shall never be applied for other purposes.

5. The MAC applies preventive measures such as the firewall to protect this Website from hacking, sabotages, or information theft. Backup copies of website data are made on a regular basis to ensure a stable and safe browsing environment for users.

6. This policy is subject to necessary revisions in line with technological advancement or changes in circumstances.

7. Write to our Mailbox if you should have any questions or opinions about the above provisions.