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MAC’s Views on the MOTC’s Announcement of Opinions on Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange

  • Date:2024-02-07

MAC Press Release No. 009

  The Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) announced a decision today (February 7, 2024) to immediately suspend travel agencies' operation of group tours to mainland China due to changing circumstances, including mainland China failing to allow group tourist visits to Taiwan yet. The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that, since August last year, Taiwan has repeatedly called on mainland China to promptly respond to Taiwan's proposal to allow people on both sides to organize tours for mutual tourism exchanges. Regrettably, mainland China not only failed to respond positively but also deliberately created trouble across the Taiwan Strait, leading to a worsening atmosphere for cross-Strait exchanges. As a result, Taiwan's original goodwill proposal could not be promoted. 

  The MAC once again reminded mainland China that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) advocates for extensive cross-Strait exchanges and promotes integrated development, while at the same time threatening Taiwan by military and economic means and restricting the space for Taiwan's international engagement. The contradictory actions of mainland China have not only hindered normal cross-Strait exchanges but also deepened the emotional rifts between the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. 

  The MAC stated that Taiwan's basic position of promoting healthy and orderly cross-Strait exchanges remains unchanged. The resumption of normal cross-Strait exchanges is a responsibility that both sides must share. Only through appropriate communication arrangements can the people of both sides engage in relevant exchange activities with peace of mind and create a solid foundation for the harmonious development of cross-Strait relations.