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MAC Strongly Condemns the Mainland for Wresting Away Taiwan's Diplomatic Allies: Beijing's Peremptory Pressuring More Firmly Unites Taiwan

  • Date:2018-08-21

Date: August 21, 2018
MAC Press Release No.53

     The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued the following solemn statement on August 21, 2018, regarding El Salvador's severance of diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (ROC) and establishment of diplomatic ties with mainland China:

1. Mainland China has persistently sought to wrest away Taiwan's diplomatic allies with intent to force Taiwan to submit to its political agenda. This further demonstrates Beijing's misjudgment of the situation across the Taiwan Strait. The ROC government strongly protests and condemns the Mainland's overbearing and peremptory blockade of Taiwan's international space. The MAC stressed that the other side has disregarded the ROC government's continued expression of goodwill for peaceful dialogue and repeatedly sought to pressure and humiliate Taiwan. This is the root cause of the turmoil sabotaging peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the broader region. The daggers hidden behind Beijing's smiles hurt the feelings, rights and interests of the people of Taiwan; however, this could only further unite Taiwan’s citizens as one and widen the psychological distance between the two sides. 

2. The MAC pointed out that Beijing repeatedly attempts to intervene and interfere in other country’s internal affairs during times of elections, political transition, or economic development. It has sought to either coerce or induce with huge loans, infrastructure investment, or other forms of dollar diplomacy. It has also intensified "the sharp power operations" to further its strategic position. The international community and Taiwan look squarely at these bullying behaviors. The MAC also believes that mainland China is currently rife with an atmosphere in which it is safer to be harsh rather than soft, and with intensified competition among government agencies.  This has led to confusions, mistakes, losing sight of the broader picture in their decision-making processes. In that sense, the Mainland authorities will eventually reap what they sow. 
3. The MAC reiterated that the ROC government will staunchly defend its sovereignty and dignity, as well as the interests and well-being of the people. Taiwan will keep its course in conducting the cross-Strait affairs. Taiwan has firm conviction to its capability for self-defense. It also has a democratic system to guard itself against Beijing's peremptory behavior. We warn the other side to never attempt to arbitrarily trample on the dignity and will to survive of the people of Taiwan. Our conviction is firm. Taiwan will never yield to China’s verbal intimidation and saber rattling, nor will it bow to pressure. It is our strong faith that Taiwan people across the political spectrum will stand firm together. We will ally with countries and peoples in the world who share our beliefs in civil liberties, democracy, market economy to work together for the future of Taiwan.