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  • Date:2010-11-23

Welcome to the website of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan (hereafter this Website). This Website exercises the following information security policy:

1. As for personnel that deal with sensitive and classified information or those endowed with the system administrative rights due to job demand, labor and responsibility should be distributed appropriately. A performance evaluation and assessment mechanism as well as a mutual support system for staff should also be established as needed.

2. Once an employee leaves the post (being on leave or suspended from duties), his/her authority to access any system resources is immediately revoked.

3. Depending on different levels of personnel as well as real circumstances, information security training and propaganda are conducted to ensure staff’s full understanding of the significance of information security and various possible risks, in order to improve their information security awareness and observance of relevant regulations.

4. The operating procedures for handling information security incidents are established and related personnel are assigned necessary responsibilities in order to ensure prompt and effective dealing with information security incidents.

5. Data backups are made on a regular basis to ensure quick resumption of normal operations in case of natural disasters or storage media malfunctions.

6. A firewall is established to control data transmission and resource access between external and internal networks. Rigorous user identity recognition is enforced.

7. Classified and sensitive information or documents are not stored in the information system open to external access. No classified documents are transmitted through emails.

8. Network security facilities are checked, the virus codes in the anti-virus system are updated, and all security measures are inspected on a regular basis.

9. This policy is subject to necessary revisions in line with technological advancement or changes in circumstances.

10. Write to our Mailbox if you should have any questions or opinions about the above provisions.