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Mainland Affairs Information and Research Center

  • Date:2017-07-03
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  Open-Stack Section  
18FL., 2-2, CHI-NAN RD., SEC. 1,
Telephone : (02) 2397-5589 Ex.2046-2048
Email : maclib@mac.gov.tw
  icon Founded on January 31, 1994
  icon Over 30,000 books on Mainland China and cross-strait relations studies
  icon Some 400 local and international periodicals
(More than 200 titles from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao)
  icon 60 plus local and foreign newspapers
(More than 40 titles from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao)
  icon Microform and A/V materials
Access and Opening HoursAccess and Opening Hours
  icon The Center is open to anyone over age 18 or anyone who wishes to use the facilities for research
  icon Monday through Friday : 9:00~17:00
(Closed on national holidays)
Reading and BorrowingReading and Borrowing
  icon Access is free after registered.
  icon Only MAC staff and qualified visitors are allowed to check out materials; others may read the materials or make copies within the Center.
  icon Not for sale copies : available at Service Desk of the Center
(also available by phone or on-line queries)
  icon For sale copies : available at Government Publications Exhibition Center
icon Seating Capacity : 48 seats
icon A/V Equipment : 2 sets for individual use
icon Computer Equipment : 10 personal computers
icon Copy machine : 2
icon Microfilm reader : 1

Quick Access to Key CollectionsQuick Access to Key Collections

Collections Area
General almanacs Shelf 2 of Open-Stack Section
Almanacs of provinces & cities in Mainland China Shelves 13~15 of Open-Stack Section
Statistics of provinces & cities in Mainland China Shelves 4~5 of Open-Stack Section
Telephone books of provinces & cities in Mainland China Shelf 9 of Open-Stack Section
Research Reports of MAC Research Reports Cabinet, Open-Stack Section
Dissertations and Theses related to Mainland China and Cross-Straits relations studies (1) Dissertations and Theses Cabinet, Open-Stack Section
(2) Microform Cabinets in Information Retrieval Section
Clipping Collections (1) Cross-Strait News Retrieval System in Information Retrieval Section
(2) Central News Agency News System in Information Retrieval Section
(3) WiseNews in Information Retrieval Section
Back-issued newspapers and periodicals (1) Back-issued Newspapers /Periodicals and Research Reports Retrieval System in Information Retrieval Section
(2) Full text of periodicals by the Renmin University of China in Information Retrieval Section (periodicals of Mainland China)
Back-issued Mainland China newspapers Microform Cabinets in Information Retrieval Section
Laws of the Mainland (1) Legal & Statute Worldbook of China in Information Retrieval Section
(2) Full Text of Laws and Regulations of the Mainland China
  Open-Stack Section
  Open-Stack Section
Reader ServicesReader Services
  icon Reference Service
Consulting available in person, by telephone, or by written inquiries.
  icon Books, periodicals and A/V materials reading service
  icon Distribution of not for sale publications
  icon Photocopying
Readers may use a magnetic card to make copies of materials in compliance with the Copyrights Law.
  icon Inter-library cooperation
For information not available in the Center, readers may apply for photocopies of materials in other libraries by completing an application form.
Information Retrieval ServicesInformation Retrieval Services
  icon Stand-alone databases
  1. CD-ROM of The People's Daily ( 1978~ )
  2. CD-ROM of Yearbook on Chinese Communism ( 1967~1995、2001~ )
  3. Full Text of Laws and Regulations of the People's Republic of China ( 1949 ~ 1998 )
  4. Legal & Statute Wordbook of China ( 1949 ~ 2000 )
  5. Index of Periodicals by the Renmin University of China ( 1978 ~ 1997 )
  6. Full Text of Periodicals by the Renmin University of China ( 1997~ )
  7. Central News Agency News System ( 1948~ )
  icon On-line databases
  1. Cross-Strait Information Network ( 1949~ )
  2. ABI/INFORM 、SSO、ARL ( 1986~ )
  3. WiseNews ( 1998~ )
  icon Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  icon Directory of China Study Institutions and Libraries
  icon Selective Current Contents of Periodicals
  icon Internet Resources for Studies on Mainland China and Cross-Strait Relations: A compilation of some 900 related internet websites.
  icon Library Orientation
Brief guide available for non-profit institutions and organizations. Please call 23975589 Ext. 256 for arrangement in advance.
  icon New Collections Announcement
Monthly display and circulars of new books as well as on-line retrieval are available.
  icon Selective Current Contents of Periodicals
Compilation of more than 40 prestigious local and international periodicals by subject each month and available in printed form, e-mail and on-line queries to the general public.
  International Periodicals Section
  International Periodicals Section
Contacts and affiliationContacts and affiliation
  icon Membership of related professional associations
  1. Library Association of China ( LAC )
  2. InterLibrary Cooperation Association ( ILCA )
  3. National Bibliographic Information Network ( NBINet )
  icon Promotion of library cooperation
  1. In 1994, MAC initiated the project of Union Catalogue on China Study with cooperation by domestic famous libraries. The project is currently handled by the National Central Library and the Science and Technology Information Center, National Science Council.
  2. The Mainland Information Inter-library Cooperative Organization founded in December 1996 has been re-designated as “Mainland Information Cooperative Development Committee” under the Inter-Library Cooperation Association that keeps on conducting inter-library cooperation affairs on mainland information.
  3. Related activities and information of the above Committee will be announced on MAC website from time to time.
  icon Outreach
  1. Exchanges of new publications with local and international libraries and institutions on a regular basis.
  2. Procurement of research information and publications from overseas think tanks.
  3. Providing readers with connections to websites of related think tanks and institutes.