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President Ma's Response to Pope Francis' Message for the World Day of Peace 2016 (excerpt: cross-strait relations)

The Republic of China is a peace-loving country. Since I took office in 2008, I have done my utmost to encourage peaceful interaction between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. Through dialogue and unremitting effort we have overcome numerous obstacles, and cross-strait relations are vastly improved, spreading the light of peace. On November 7 last year, I met with mainland Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Singapore. This historic breakthrough has let the world know that the cross-strait leaders have established a communication mechanism to handle disputes through peaceful means, giving our region, and other areas of the world facing similar difficulties, a positive example. Relations between the two sides are now the most peaceful and stable they have been for 66 years, and I believe this will gradually help move mainland Chinese society toward greater freedom and openness.
The Republic of China and the Holy See have enjoyed a strong partnership over the past 73 years, sharing a commitment to the universal values of democracy, freedom, and peace. The Church in Taiwan will remain deeply committed to fulfilling God’s mercy, promoting evangelization and pastoral work, and act as bridge churches. Responding to Your Holiness' call for compassion, the ROC government will remain deeply committed to the spirit and conviction underpinning our roles as peacemaker and provider of humanitarian aid, and contribute even more to world peace and international aid. Together we will work to advance freedom, justice, and peace, and spread these values to mainland China and the rest of the world.
【Source: Office of the President】