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Mainland Affairs Council


Resolution of the Legislative Yuan on China’s Drafted “Anti-Separation Law”

March 4, 2005 The Legislative Yuan, the highest legislative organ of the Republic of China (ROC), hereby passes the following resolutions, in the face of China’s impending formulation of an “anti-separation law,” as a special expression of its position on behalf of the people of the entire nation: Since its founding, the ROC has been an independent sovereign state. Any unilateral attempt to change the status quo or downgrade the ROC’s sovereign status runs contrary to the common will of the people of Taiwan and the international community. Peaceful development is not only a common value of the international community but, even more so, a common aspiration of the peoples on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. As the Beijing authorities plan to formulate an “anti-separation law,” we must solemnly call on them to think carefully before taking action, for should the contents of the law violate the rights and interests of the people of Taiwan, it would certainly provoke strong opposition from our people. The positive atmosphere created by the recent direct cross-strait charter flights over the Lunar New Year should be cherished by the governments on both sides of the strait. We should take the opportunity to open cross-strait consultations based on parity and dignity, in order to create a reciprocal and mutually beneficial win-win situation for both sides. The caucuses of the governing and opposition parties in the Legislative Yuan will actively promote a mainland policy that is beneficial to cross-strait parity and reciprocity, in order to dedicate the greatest effort to peaceful development across the Taiwan Strait.