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Chen Ming-tong warns that the Chinese authorities should face up to the results of the two referendums on joining and returning to the United Nations with a calm and ordinary attitude and not take reckless action!

February 3, 2008, No. 10

The Taiwan Affairs Office under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Taiwan Affairs Office of China's State Council issued an “authorized statement” on Taiwan’s announcement regarding the holding of two scheduled referendums to join and return to the United Nations (UN). In response to the malicious criticisms and threats contained in the so-called “authorized statement,” Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Chen Ming-tong today (February 3, 2008) solemnly emphasized again that the Chinese authorities deceptively claim that, "The contradictions and differences between both sides of the Taiwan Strait can be completely resolved through negotiations based on parity during the process of peacefully developing cross-strait relations." However, over the past eight years, during which Taiwan has constantly and positively made goodwill gestures, the Beijing authorities have still rigidly insisted that Taiwan should accept their framework established under the precondition of the “one China principle” and have refused to negotiate with Taiwan under the principle of parity. Chairman Chen indicated that China's criticisms against Taiwan's referendums only further demonstrate Beijing's lack of understanding of the cross-strait reality and the reaction of the public opinion in Taiwan. China’s attempts are aimed at confusing the international community and misleading their judgment about the internal developments in Taiwan by fabricating the lies and illusion that China has conducted negotiations with Taiwan.

Chairman Chen Ming-tong emphasized that the future development of Taiwan will be jointly decided by the 23 million Taiwanese people, and there is absolutely no need for the Beijing authorities to make irresponsible remarks. Taiwan’s bid to apply for the UN membership is the unanimous consensus and hope of all of the Taiwanese people as well as the governing and opposition parties. Taiwan’s referendums on joining and returning to the United Nations are intended to demonstrate the collective will and unswerving determination of Taiwan to participate in the international community through democratic procedures. “Democratic and peaceful” efforts of this kind are aimed at safeguarding the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, which stands in stark contrast to China's current tyrannical, violent and provocative actions that have been taken for the purpose of changing the status quo through political and military suppression of Taiwan. Chairman Chen noted that China has not only ignored the mainstream thinking of the Taiwanese people in their pursuit of deepening democracy in Taiwan, but it has also vainly attempted to sever links between Taiwan's democratic process and Taiwanese public opinion. Such attempts are not only futile, but they also expose China's ignorance and fear of democracy. As such, they will ultimately be spurned and rejected by the Taiwanese people.

Next month, Taiwan will hold two referendums in tandem with the presidential election. Chairman Chen warned that the Chinese authorities should face up to this democratic process and result with a sober and ordinary attitude and not take reckless action. He sternly and solemnly called on China to immediately stop its military intimidation and international suppression against Taiwan, and to promptly make good on its pledges by truly and pragmatically engaging in negotiations and communication with Taiwan. China should not misjudge Taiwanese public opinion and the development of cross-strait situations, nor should it vainly attempt to undermine and interfere with Taiwan's democratic process. Otherwise, it is inevitable that China will have to bear serious consequences resulting from its own erroneous policies and measures.