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President Tsai responds to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, attends groundbreaking of expanded shipbuilding facility (excerpt: cross-strait relations)

  • Date:2022-02-25

President Tsai emphasized that the situation in Ukraine is fundamentally different from the one in the Taiwan Strait. The president noted that the Taiwan Strait provides a natural barrier and that Taiwan has a unique geostrategic importance, while our military is committed to defending our homeland and continues to improve its ability to do so, and our global partners are contributing to the security of our region, giving us strong confidence in Taiwan's security.

President Tsai said that Taiwan is working to strengthen our civil defense as well as our ability to counter cognitive warfare, so that we can prevent external forces and their collaborators from using the situation in Ukraine to manufacture and spread disinformation in an attempt to undermine morale among the Taiwanese people.

The president stated that our national security agencies and military remain on guard around the clock, are staying on top of all developments in the Taiwan Strait and across the region, and are prepared to respond to any contingency, so the Taiwanese people can rest assured we are working to ensure our nation's security.