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President Tsai meets German Bundestag delegation (excerpt: cross-strait relations)

  • Date:2023-01-10

Last August, China conducted prolonged military exercises in and around the Taiwan Strait. Germany, which then held the G7 presidency, expressed the importance of maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait in a joint statement by the G7 foreign ministers. In September, Germany mentioned Taiwan for the first time in a progress report on the implementation of its policy guidelines for the Indo-Pacific, and continues to pay close attention to security across the Taiwan Strait.

Today, facing authoritarian expansionism, democracies must stand together to safeguard the values of freedom and democracy. Starting next year, Taiwan's mandatory military service will be extended to one year. This will bolster our defense capabilities and demonstrates our determination to protect our homeland and defend democracy. We look forward to upholding regional stability and prosperity alongside Germany and other democratic partners.