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President Tsai meets US delegation sent by President Biden (excerpt: cross-strait relations)

  • Date:2022-03-02

History teaches us that if we turn a blind eye to military aggression, we only worsen the threat to ourselves. Now is the time for all democracies around the world to come together. Taiwan cannot and will not be absent from this effort. The Ukrainian people's commitment to protect their freedom and democracy and their fearless dedication to defending their country have been met with deep empathy from the people of Taiwan, as we too stand on the front line of the battle for democracy.

At present, China's military threat to the Taiwan Strait and to the region continues to rise. Whether by working to limit Taiwan's international participation, or by using cognitive warfare tactics and disinformation to divide Taiwanese society and erode our democracy, China's actions on this front have never ceased. But nor have the Taiwanese people given up on our convictions because of these actions. We in Taiwan want the world to know that we have the determination to defend ourselves and uphold our free and democratic way of life.

The stability and security of the region has never been the exclusive concern of any one country. Indeed, the crisis in Ukraine has shown the world that cooperation and coordinated action among democratic countries is crucial. Facing threats to the security of the Taiwan Strait and the region, we look forward to working even more closely with the US and other stakeholders in the region, collectively responding to challenges and unilateral actions that could impact security in order to maintain regional peace and stability.