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President Tsai meets AIT Taipei Office Director William Brent Christensen(excerpt: cross-strait relations)

  • Date:2018-08-23

The president pointed out that the US is Taiwan's most important security and trade partner, and the steady and stable Taiwan-US relationship has always been a cornerstone of peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. But recently, she added, both Taiwan citizens and the international community have seen that China is using every conceivable means to increase pressure on Taiwan.

The president pointed that this includes a series of coercive moves like the El Salvador incident two days ago, forcing private-sector airlines to remove “Taiwan” from their websites, and even revoking our right to host an international sports competition. China's actions not only restrict Taiwan's international space, but have already undermined peace and stability throughout the region, she said.

President Tsai remarked that given the situation, we need like-minded countries to voice their concern about China's behavior within the region. That includes oppressing Taiwan by all means possible, changing the status quo, subverting the rules-based international order, and even interfering in other countries' domestic affairs. The US government has often stated that Taiwan is a democratic success story, a reliable partner, and a positive force in the international community, and this is the voice of justice that the people of Taiwan anticipate, she added.

The president emphasized that we will definitely defend our sovereignty, uphold our national dignity, continue to strengthen our self-defense capabilities, and protect our free and democratic way of life. For the people of Taiwan, this is the bottom line, and a self-evident truth that cannot be challenged. We will continue to be a force for regional stability and justice. We will never give up our commitment to goodwill, democracy, and freedom due to China's intimidation, she said.

Noting that our region is changing fast, the president said that we are very pleased that someone like Director Christensen, someone who knows Taiwan, is familiar with cross-strait relations and regional security issues, and has extensive practical experience as a diplomat, is representing the US government in Taiwan. She then expressed confidence that Director Christensen will be an indispensable aid to the development of Taiwan-US relations.

President Tsai noted that as Director Christensen mentioned, AIT will soon be marking the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, an important milestone. She also said that she's sure that, based on our firm friendship and shared democratic values, Taiwan and the US can continue to deepen our partnership, and join forces to defend regional peace and stability.    

【Source: Office of the President】