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President Tsai meets members of Taiwan's WHA action team(excerpt: cross-Strait relations)

  • Date:2017-05-27

In remarks, President Tsai first noted that, although Taiwan was unable to formally take part in this year's WHA due to pressure exerted by mainland China, the people of Taiwan have nevertheless seen the outstanding performance of the WHA action team, for which the president extended her deepest gratitude.

The people of Taiwan have a human right to take part in the WHA, and this right should not be subject to political interference. The Chinese mainland, through its unreasonable suppression of Taiwan, has to some extent damaged cross-strait relations, she said.

President Tsai reiterated that the authorities in Beijing should correctly interpret the significance of last year's elections. We are entering upon a new age, and in this new age the leaders on both sides of the Taiwan Strait need to work together for cross-strait peace and prosperity. This would be our common new issue. Taiwan's commitment remains unchanged, and its goodwill remains unchanged, but we will neither bow to pressure nor revert to the old path of confrontation. The trip to Geneva by the WHA action team is an excellent demonstration of how Taiwan will not bow to pressure.

【Source: Office of the President】