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President Tsai attends 15th anniversary of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy(excerpt: cross-strait relations)

  • Date:2018-06-25

A recent report issued by the National Endowment for Democracy, a close partner of the TFD, asserts that authoritarian regimes are exercising sharp power to take advantage of our free and open societies, promote alternative agendas, control and censor information, and undermine our democracies.

How we meet these challenges will determine what kind of values we pass on to future generations. It's up to us to make sure our democracy not only survives, but is able to thrive.

Taiwan is on the front-lines of a battle that is taking place here, in Australia, the United States, Europe, and in like-minded countries all over the world. Over the past two years, we have faced increasing pressure from China as they threaten our democratic way of life and limit our international space.

These anti-democratic forces will proliferate if like-minded countries do not stand and act together. It is only if like-minded countries work together – and stand together – can we fight against unwanted economic, political, or military coercion, and defend the values we hold dear.

It is said that "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". That saying is more relevant now than ever. Only by taking collective action, can we ensure that democracy will continue to shape the future of our world. Historical trends do not always favour the forward march of democracy. But in Taiwan, moving backward is not an option. 

【Source: Office of the President】