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President Tsai attends 2017 year-end press conference(excerpt:cross-Strait relations)

  • Date:2017-12-29

Cross-strait relations are crucial to maintaining regional peace and prosperity. I want my countrymen to rest assured that cross-strait relations will not be reckless. They will not be deadlocked. They won't return to the standoff we saw during the authoritarian Kuomintang era of the past.

Our unchanging position is to maintain the status quo. This is Taiwan's commitment to our region and the world. Peace, prosperity and development in Asia are common responsibilities of all the countries in the region. Therefore, cross-strait issues are issues of regional peace. Taiwan will fulfill its responsibilities of maintaining regional security by continuing to harbor goodwill and maintaining stable, consistent and predictable cross-strait relations.  

Dignity and respect, stable cross-strait relations, and engaging with the international community are the collective aspirations of the Taiwanese people. This is also my mission.

【Source: Office of the President】