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MAC Thanks the Mainland on Behalf of the Government for Condolences and Care over Hualien Earthquake

  • Date:2018-02-07

Date: February 7, 2018

MAC Press Release No. 11


        The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that, as of the afternoon of February 7, it had learned that seven Mainland tourists independently traveling in Taiwan have been sent to Tzu Chi Hospital and are receiving proper care following the powerful earthquake that struck Hualien late in the evening of February 6. Among the seven people are a woman surnamed Yu (40 years old), who was seriously injured and in critical condition, four persons who suffered minor injuries or skin abrasions, and two persons who were uninjured. In addition, a man surnamed Gu and 12 others are receiving assistance from the National Immigration Agency (NIA) in dealing with lost documentation.

        The MAC indicated that the government has established the Central Emergency Operation Center (CEOC) and is dedicating its full resources to support the relief work and resettle disaster victims. On behalf of the government, the MAC thanked the Taiwan Affairs Office for its expression of condolences and care on the afternoon of February 7 over the earthquake disaster. The MAC has also remained in close contact with the Hualien County Government and explained that the government will do its utmost to assist the disaster relief. Furthermore, the MAC was informed by the CEOC that Taiwan has sufficient professional manpower and equipment for disaster relief work and requires no outside assistance at this time.

        The MAC and Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) rushed personnel to Hualien to meet with the injured Mainland tourists and present consolation money. The MAC is keeping abreast of the condition of Mainland visitors affected by the disaster in Taiwan. It is also coordinating with the NIA and the SEF to fully help Mainland visitors affected by the disaster handle affairs related to lost documentation and family visits. With special permission from the government, the family of one injured Mainland tourist entered Taiwan from Kinmen via the Mini Three Links, flew to Songshan Airport, and then traveled to Hualien accompanied by SEF personnel to visit their relative.

        The MAC called on the people of Taiwan to have faith in the face of this adversity. As long as the people work together and contribute fully to the disaster relief in coordination with the government's overall planning and deployment, Taiwan is certain to overcome all difficulties.