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CCP Distorts History and Lacks Legitimacy; Taiwan's Commitment to Democracy and Freedom Supported and Affirmed by the International Community

  • Date:2021-10-09

  The MAC responded today (October 9, 2021) to a speech of the CCP leader at a commemoration for the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 reiterating the CCP’s unilateral historical discourse and claims on Taiwan. The MAC stressed that the CCP has always held Dr. Sun Yat-sen in high repute, but denied the success of the Revolution of 1911 and the fact that the Republic of China (ROC) exists to highlight the legitimacy of its political power succession. This is a unilateral distortion of historical facts. The anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 is the National Day of the ROC. Dr. Sun Yat-sen and countless martyrs of the revolution founded the first democratic republic in Asia, and that is the ROC. The ROC stands firm in Taiwan. The democratic and free system of Taiwan created a prosperous society. The efforts Taiwan dedicated to maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait have been unanimously affirmed by the international community. It proves that the historical tide is not on the side of autocracy and despotism.

  The MAC stated that today’s crux of cross-Strait relations is that Beijing is unwilling to face up to the ROC Taiwan and to renounce the use of force against Taiwan. Mainland China has repeatedly proposed "one country, two systems" formula, "one China" principle, "1992 Consensus", and other preconditions that downgrade Taiwan. It has also used force to threaten Taiwan into accepting its mistaken political stand and cross-Strait endgame. This has been explicitly rejected by the Taiwanese people. The CCP authorities' rigid Taiwan policy ignores present realities, entirely fails to respond to international developments, and utterly disregards the concerns and opposition of the people of Taiwan.

  The MAC stressed that only the 23 million people of Taiwan have the right to decide Taiwan's future and development. In the face of the CCP's unrelenting ambitions, President Tsai has repeatedly stated that Taiwan will "neither yield to pressure nor seeking adventurism." Taiwan is committed to safeguarding national sovereignty and security. It will also continue to deepen cooperation with friendly countries and be committed to maintaining the status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The MAC again called on the Beijing authorities to stop their intrusive and destructive measures of provocation, to more openly and seriously consider the keys to interaction, which are "peace, parity, democracy, and dialogue." This is the only approach conducive to benign development of cross-Strait relations.