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MAC and SEF Attend the Joint Public Memorial for the Victims of the Cheng Chung Cheng Building Fire in Kaohsiung and Offer Prayers to the Mainland Chinese Spouse Victims

  • Date:2021-10-22

  The MAC Deputy Minister Wu Mei-hung and Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Secretary-General Jan Jyh-horng attended the "Joint Public Memorial for the Victims of the Cheng Chung Cheng Building Fire in Kaohsiung City" today (October 22, 2021). Deputy Minister Wu and Secretary-General Jan offered prayers to the mainland Chinese spouses killed in the fire. They also paid condolences and presented consolation funds to the victims' families and the mainland Chinese citizens injured in the fire.

  Since the accident of Cheng Chung Cheng Building fire, the National Immigration Agency, SEF, and MAC have remained in close contact with the Kaohsiung City Government and provided essential and prompt assistance to the victims' families immediately. The authorities granted special approval to issue entry visas to mainland Chinese family members of the victims in the timeliest manner to facilitate their travel to Taiwan for funeral arrangements. Four mainland Chinese family members have entered Taiwan. The Kaohsiung City Government will do their utmost to make proper arrangements for related matters according to the wishes of the families and in compliance with epidemic prevention measures so that the families may bid their loved ones a final farewell. The Kaohsiung City Government also stated that it will care for and attend to the victims' families and provide related assistance with post-disaster resettlement and medical care.

  The MAC expressed its sincere gratitude to the Kaohsiung City Government for properly arranging airline tickets to Taiwan, accommodations, funerals, and epidemic prevention plans for the family members of the mainland Chinese spouse victims, providing emergency resettlement services, and arranging for social workers to accompany and provide one-to-one care for the family members.