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Returning Home Tonight to be with Family: MAC Minister Chiu Tai-san Invites Mainland Chinese Spouses for an Early Lunar New Year Celebration

  • Date:2024-02-06

MAC Press Release No. 008

    Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Chiu Tai-san and Deputy Minister Liang Wen-chieh invited mainland Chinese spouses spending this year’s Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan to join a Lunar New Year's dinner on February 1. The ten mainland Chinese participants included restaurateurs, YouTubers, native language teachers, social workers, and painters. They all said that, although they would not be celebrating the holiday with their families in mainland China this year, they could feel the same warmth celebrating with the MAC, their family in Taiwan.

    As in previous years, the MAC chose to hold this year's Lunar New Year dinner at a restaurant operated by a mainland Chinese spouse to show good wishes and encourage hard-working business owners as the year comes to an end. The venue was Sichuan Cuisine, a well-known Sichuan restaurant opened in Taipei City by Hsiao Tie, who missed the flavor of her hometown. Minister Chiu joked that, "Everyone says don't raise a cow just to drink milk. However, you decided to open a restaurant during a pandemic just to enjoy your hometown cooking. Your bravery is truly commendable!" Hsiao has never forgotten her commitment to cooking. Using only the freshest ingredients and consummate culinary skills, she has won over numerous gourmets with the authentic flavors of her native Sichuan delicacies. Many of the mainland Chinese spouses at the dinner took one bite and said, "This is exactly the right taste!" 

    Several YouTubers also participated in the Lunar New Year dinner. Alisa of the "Alisa Loves Life" channel was the second place winner in the MAC's Sixth "Cross-Strait Exchanges in Taiwan, Win-win Future for All" short film competition. She said that Taiwan is her second home. She has fallen deeply in love with this land and recorded the warmth that Taiwanese people display. Liu Lei of the "Vanessa Piao Piao" YouTube channel shared highlights online from the Lunar New Year dinner so others could experience Taiwan's kindness and care.

    There are currently more than 360,000 families in Taiwan formed by cross-Strait marriages. Mainland Chinese spouses who come to Taiwan become part of Taiwan. The MAC will continue to provide mainland Chinese spouses with the most timely assistance and services and always be the staunchest supporter of mainland Chinese spouses in Taiwan. Minister Chiu and Deputy Minister Liang listened closely to the stories shared by the participating mainland Chinese spouses about their life in Taiwan. They also thanked mainland Chinese spouses for being the unsung heroes in every corner of Taiwan’s society and said that Taiwan is more diverse because of them. The gathering was filled with laughter, warmth, and touching moments. Tonight, everyone is home with family.