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MAC and SEF Send Staff to Kaohsiung to Pray for the Three Mainland Chinese Victims and Offer Condolences and Assistance to their Families

  • Date:2021-10-17

  The MAC and the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) sent personnel on October 16 to a funeral parlor in Kaohsiung to attend the memorial service of the 3 Mainland spouses killed in a fire. The personnel offered prayers, mourned for the deceased, and expressed condolences to the families of the unfortunate victims.

  The MAC stated that families of the victims hoped the government could help arrange for the mainland Chinese relatives and friends of the victims to come to Taiwan for the funerals as soon as possible. The SEF has contacted relevant departments in mainland China, and both sides will do their utmost to assist the mainland Chinese citizens with applications for relevant documents to travel to Taiwan. In addition, on October 15, the MAC coordinated with the National Immigration Agency to expedite entry permit procedures for the mainland Chinese relatives and to facilitate their travel to Taiwan for funeral and other follow-up affairs.

  The MAC expressed that to further grasp the needs of the families of the victims, personnel of the MAC and SEF traveled deliberately to Kaohsiung to understand the relevant arrangements made by the city government. They also discussed with the city government the subsequent coordinated assistance. The city government is arranging for social workers to accompany family members, provide one-to-one care, and offer condolences. Regarding the post-entry quarantine and testing of mainland Chinese family members, and the arrangement of funeral, burial, and other affairs, the MAC, SEF, and the city government have established a contact network and will provide essential assistance to the family members while being in line with epidemic prevention and control measures.