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February 4, 2002
The SEF issues a press statement expressing that the public recently reported that the Mainland has refused to accept and to process notarized documents issued by Taiwanese courts bearing the seal of the "Republic of China." The SEF regrets that this has blocked the exchange of documents across the Strait.

June 27, 2002
Dr. Liu Zhentao, Deputy Chairman of the Mainland's ARATS and Director of the Research Institute of Taiwan Studies at Qinghua University, arrives in Taipei as head of a visiting delegation.

December 2, 2002
The SEF holds its 1st joint conference of its 5th Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors, with Dr. Koo Chen-fu retained as Chairman of the 5th Board of Directors. Chairman Koo Chen-fu emphasizes that after the Mainland's 16th Communist Party Congress, there is an opportunity for the resumption of cross-Strait talks. However, this requires that both sides exert efforts to create this opportunity. He hopes that the Mainland's new leaders would come up with new thoughts and to establish a new era of peaceful exchanges and positive interaction with greater wisdom and patience. He makes another open invitation for ARATS Chairman Wang Daohan to visit Taiwan at an appropriate time.