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April 29, 1996
SEF writes to ARATS to suggest the resumption of the Koo-Wang Talks and institutionalized negotiation channels.

April 30, 1996
ARATS responds negatively to the resumption of Koo-Wang talks and institutionalized negotiations.

May 5, 1996
Chang King-yuh, chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, says it is the PRC which erects barriers against the resumption of cross-strait negotiations. Since ARATS has replied negatively regarding the resumption of negotiations, the government will not seek other ways to express its willingness again.

July 3, 1996
SEF adopts a proposal at a meeting to have an exchange of visits by members of the boards of SEF and ARATS, and sends a letter to ARATS for reply.

July 5, 1996
ARATS responds to the SEF without indicating a clear attitude on the SEF's proposal.