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January 22, 1995
The third Chiao-Tang Talks and the seventh functional meeting after the first Koo-Wang Talks are held in Beijing from January 22 to 27. The two sides fail to reach agreement.

May 27-28, 1995
The first preparatory meeting for the Second Koo-Wang Talks is concluded with an agreement that the second preparatory meeting will be held in June, and the Second Koo-Wang Talks is slated for July in Beijing.

June 16, 1995
ARATS sends a letter to SEF to postpone the second Koo-Wang Talks, saying it will contact us at an appropriate time.

June 17, 1995
MAC makes public a statement, expressing its hope that institutionalized negotiation channels will remain open, and that the second preparatory meeting of the Second Koo-Wang Talks will take place as scheduled.

June 30, 1995
ARATS telephones SEF saying that the institutionalized negotiation channels be postponed.

October 24, 1995
Representatives of the two sides reach agreement in the negotiation for Taiwan-Hong Kong aviation rights and sign into effect the minutes of the meeting. The document becomes effective December 30, 1995.