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March 12, 1997
ROC Premier Lien Chan says the government does not reject direct cross-strait talks, saying the issue is how the two sides meet for talks and whether the two are in an equal position.

June 16, 1997
SEF and ARATS confirm the records of the "Taiwan-Hong Kong Shipping Negotiations" and exchange a signed document.

November 6, 1997
ARATS extends an invitation for SEF Secretary-general Chiao Jen-ho to lead a delegation of SEF board members to take part in the opening ceremony of a trade conference in the mainland, and visit Xiamen, Shanghai, and Beijing.

November 7, 1997
SEF replies with a new suggestion that SEF Chairman Koo Chen-fu lead a delegation to visit the mainland and meet various people. SEF also welcomes ARATS to visit Taiwan.

November 11, 1997
ARATS issues a news release saying that SEF Secretary-general Chiao Jen-ho is unable to attend the opening ceremony of the seminar or visit the mainland, thus loosing the opportunity for responsible persons of the two associations to meet. (ARATS does not mention these words in its letter to SEF.) ARATS later announces that the seminar is called off without giving any explanation.