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January 8, 1992
The Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) sends a letter to the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) to invite the SEF chairman, the vice chairman, or the secretary-general to lead a delegation to visit Beijing and exchange views on enhancing communications and cooperation.

August 4, 1992
ARATS Chairman Wang Daohan sends a letter to invite SEF Chairman Koo Chen-fu for a meeting to exchange views on economic development and SEF-ARATS affairs and discuss related programs.

August 22, 1992
In reply to a letter from ARATS Chairman Wang Daohan, SEF Chairman Koo Chen-fu accepts the invitation and suggests that they meet in a third place, Singapore.

September 30, 1992
Replying to SEF, ARATS suggests having a preparatory meeting on the Mainland to settle the time, place, and agenda of the planned "Koo-Wang Talks."

October 8, 1992
In a letter to ARATS, SEF requests a meeting on October 20-23 or October 27-30 on the issue of verification of cross-strait certificates and the inquiry of registered mail.

October 21, 1992
SEF, writing to ARATS, agrees to resume negotiations on certificate verification and registered mail on October 28-29 in Hong Kong. SEF says the two sides can sign a draft agreement right after the meeting.

October 28-29, 1992
SEF-ARATS practical meeting takes place in Hong Kong.

October 30, 1992
In its letter, SEF urges ARATS to value the results of the Hong Kong meeting and to continue negotiations with sincerity to reach a conclusion. SEF Secretary-general Chen Rong-jye can go to Hong Kong and sign the draft agreement as well as conduct a preparatory negotiation for the "Koo-Wang Talks."

November 2, 1992
ARATS sends a letter to SEF suggesting a preparatory meeting for the "Koo-Wang Talks" be held in Beijing or another appropriate place on the Mainland. If this is inconvenient for SEF, ARATS could assign delegates to visit Taiwan or Kinmen to conduct the meeting.

November 3, 1992
ARATS informs SEF in a phone call that it has decided to make a concession and agrees that the "One China" principle be stated verbally, and that the details may be negotiated later.

November 30, 1992
In a letter to SEF, ARATS suggests resolving the remaining differences regarding certificate verification at an early date. The two sides can have a preparatory meeting for the "Koo-Wang Talks" in Beijing, Taiwan, Kinmen, or another place on the Mainland in early December, so that the "Koo-Wang Talks" can be held in late December, ARATS says, adding it will take serious consideration of SEF's suggestion for a meeting in Singapore.

December 3, 1992
In a letter to ARATS, SEF emphasizes that the top priority of the practical meeting is to solve substantive issues. As to the substance of "One China," the ROC has been consistent in following the Guidelines for National Unification and decisions of the National Unification Council.

December 22, 1992
Asked to comment on the ROC's foreign affairs paper which supports "one China, two political entities, equality in the interim stage, and peaceful competition," ARATS Vice Chairman Tang Shubei says that the PRC's stance on that issue has been consistent and against the statement of "two political entities." Tang says such a statement not helpful for improving the cross-strait relations.