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A Preliminary Analysis of Mainland China's "One China Strategy" 5. Conclusion

  • Date:1997-02-28

Mainland Chinese leaders have kept up their jaded rhetoric on every occasion that "The People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing China." This shows clearly that Mainland China's strategy in rekindling the "one China" idea is aimed at wiping out the existence of the Republic of China. Moreover, judging from the conditions set by Mainland authorities for "returning to the principle of one China," they have extended their opposition against Taiwan independence to those against our pursuit of pragmatic diplomacy, our bid to rejoin the United Nations, our purchase of advanced defensive weapons, and even our presidential election, which embodies the spirit of democracy of the 21.3 million people on Taiwan. Mainland China has established in the meantime a new guideline for assessing cross-strait relations, namely, "Listen to what is being said and observe what is being done." In other words, it is demanding that we accept its definition of "one China" and stop every action that they oppose. Thus, the expectations of some of the people that more references to the "one China" principle could help make Mainland China change its mind are merely wishful thinking. It is a plain fact that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are under separate and distinct jurisdictions. There is no need for the Republic of China government to underscore this fact through promoting cross-strait communication and exchanges. But not underscoring the reality of separate juris-dictions is one thing; accepting, or acquiescing in Mainland China's distortion of facts is absolutely another. Given the consensus that "the definition of one China is subject to respective interpretations by each side," we can accept that the sovereignty dispute be shelved for the time being. We will not back down on this consensus and allow Mainland China to unilaterally force its version of "one China" and its claims on us. So we sincerely hope that Mainland China will stop exerting its psychological pressure on us and playing with words for deception, so as not to reduce the chances to usher in a new chapter of cross-strait relations.