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Promoting Cross-Strait Relations : The Conscious Efforts of the Republic of China Government 4. Conclusion

  • Date:1996-07-29

We must take a long-term view of cross-Strait relations and make the building of a peaceful and stable situation our goal in the next stage. We are convinced that a peaceful environment is most beneficial to the development of cross-Strait relations. However, cross-Strait relations are a two-sided affair; our goodwill, sincerity, and hard work alone is not enough to bring about a complete turnaround in relations between the two sides. From now on, the two sides should cherish the hard-won achievements of th e last eight years of exchanges and continue to make further headway. Moreover, they should show a little more goodwill and a little less hostility toward each other; a litttle more mutual confidence and a little less suspicion--only then will they begin to tread a wider path together. In fact, the two sides should abandon the "zero-sum" game and go for a "win-win" situation, and this is the key to the development of a new phase in cross-Strait relations. We hope that Beijing will weigh up the situation and switch to more pragmatic policies, so that both sides can pool our wisdom and efforts to improve cross-Strait relations and promote peaceful national unification.