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Work System of Mainland Policy

1. Work Division and Responsibilities

The government system in charge of Mainland affairs includes the President, the Executive Yuan, and the related ministries and departments.

■ The President

The President exercises the decision-making power on major policies by law, whereas the National Security Council follows the President's instructions and is responsible for formulating major policies on national security. When deemed necessary, the President may, ex officio, create an advisory body.

■ Systems for Decision-Making and Implementation of General Policies

◆ The Executive Yuan

The Executive Yuan is responsible for decision-making and implementation of general Mainland policies. In the policy-making process, related agencies serve advisory roles on issues under their respective jurisdictions, with the MAC being responsible for coordination amongst the agencies and review. Once the Executive Yuan reaches a policy decision, implementation falls under the authorities of the respective ministries.

◆ Mainland Affairs Council

The MAC is responsible for comprehensive research, planning, review, and coordination of Mainland policies and affairs, as well as partial implementation of inter-ministerial programs.

◆ Other Ministries

Each ministry is responsible for the research, planning, and implementation of Mainland policies and affairs under its respective jurisdictions

◆ Straits Exchange Foundation

The SEF is authorized by the government to handle cross-strait negotiations, exchanges and service affairs involving public authority.

2. Relations between the MAC and the SEF

The SEF is in nature a civil organization but in practice established mainly to handle Mainland affairs under authorization of the government. Such affairs include cross-strait negotiations, document verification, and cross-strait service work involving public authority. Relations between the SEF and the MAC can be summarized into two aspects:

■ Supervisor and Supervised

Pursuant to related articles such as Article 4 of the Act Governing Relations between People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, Article 32 of the Civil Code, and Article 3 of the Organization Act for the Mainland Affairs Council, the MAC has the authority to direct and supervise the SEF’s work.

■ Principal and Agent

Another legally stipulated level of relations between the MAC and the SEF is that of principal and agent governed by special supervisory procedures. The obligations and responsibilities between the MAC and the SEF are set in contractual terms, and the range of supervision is limited to matters entrusted. All contacts between the two organizations, such as instructions, report requests, and enforcement, must comply with terms of the contract.